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                Xike Rolling Mill Bearing Technology(Wafangdian)Co.,Ltd.

                An ISO 9001:2015 bearing company trademarked ‘TQA’ focusing on rolling mill bearing manufacturing, R&D and sales&marketing. Through continuous innovation and investment in technology, equipment upgrading, we are dedicated to provide customers with high-quality rolling mill bearing solutions professionally. We also consolidate to help our partners, so that we are always in the leading position in the industry.

                Our mission, as a private science and technology enterprise, we will assume more social responsibilities and care for the society, which is the responsibility of the people in TQA bearing.

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                Cooperation case
                Harbin Aircraft Technology Co., Ltd.
                Jiangsu Yonggang Group Materials Trading Co., Ltd.
                Liaoning Houying Group Haicheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.